Introductions into Risk Monitor

Analytic Console

The new version of Console runs faster, and officers responsible for security risks mitigation can use instruments for an in-depth analysis and role allocation.

ProfileCenter which is being developed at the stage of refinement will allow specialists take note of psychological profiles observed in dynamics which lets you detect critical tendencies, for example the drop in loyalty to a company.

There are three new search types which will facilitate investigation. Files can be searched by a unique verifier – ID which is attributed to every document.

There is a search type which considers a combination of characters in a sequence – email address, document number, mentioning of a specific sum.

Search by phone number identifies any mentioning of a specified number in the archived data array.

Search results have changed as well – the system displays a dialogue making the searched words highlighted. The system saves the history of working with an instrument for every user to inform a supervisor about who exploits the system and with what purpose.


ReportCenter has been incorporated as part of DataCenter which launches and runs faster now. Console accessing gets journaled thanks to which a specialist can keep track of employee activity within a system.


Specs of the new system version have increased in quantity and performance – in power. The integration of the console with the recent version of MS Exchange 2019 has been completed, and the interception of MS Sharepoint 2019 – added.


The main improvement in AlertCenter is a selective access right delimitation. A specialist can configure access to certain data sources, internal users and incidents.

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