SearchInform launches new version of DLP system with MacOS support

Information security specialists are now able to control activities of employees, working on Apple devices.

   “SearchInform” released DLP-system for macOS operated working stations. This solves the task of information protection on Apple machines, which haven’t been controlled earlier due to the design features of the OS. 

   First DLP for macOS software version provides functions to control  PC user’s activity. New release of DLP-system for macOS fully supports all classical advantages, related to search, incident investigation and user behavior analytics. Both automatic violation detection in accordance with security policies and detailed hand search, which helps to obtain violator’s actions before, after and at the moment of incident are implemented. Information security officers are also able to monitor Apple users’ productivity and effectiveness. 

   “We are implementing new functionality, basing on our clients’ practical tasks. We’ve been working for a while on different issues, in order to provide companies with the ability to protect all PCs, not only included into Windows-infrastructure ones. For example, last year, all of the DLP tools became available for Linux. MacOS support is the next step, and we are ready to offer complex control of user activity” – comments Alex Parfentiev, the leading analyst at SearchInform.
For macOS-oriented “SearchInform DLP” users advanced functionality is already available: users’ cards, incident management, more than 30 report templates. Integration with independent from platform tools, such as mail quarantine and web traffic control service, implemented on the level of  interaction with mail or proxy-server, helps to strengthen protection. Such combination minimizes most risks, related to data leaks. 

   Next releases of DLP for macOS will expand software functionality. For instance, following versions will support file storage indexing on employees’ PCs. In future, macOS software functionality will be equal with Windows and Linux software functionality.

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