SearchInform Risk Monitor Ensures Safe Work in Jira and Confluence

SearchInform Risk Monitor was integrated with Atlassian products according to the customers’ requests.

From now on, SearchInform RM solution ensures control of employees’ activities in Jira and Confluence project management software by Atlassian. The required capabilities were added in the latest update, which we made according to the customers’ requirements.

Solutions by Atlassian are popular tools for project management in all technological business spheres. Searchinform’s RM enables to control all the users’ activities in these applications: tasks and comments creation, adding of attachments. The RM makes the shadow copies of the text, inputted in the comments and tasks, analysis and saves attachments’ content. What’s more, the blocking capabilities were also added. For example, it’s possible to selectively prohibit deleting files, added to the project; downloading or opening files, while the employee is outside the office etc. What’s more, the process of files uploading can be blocked according to the file content.

 “This is a simple, but highly demanded functionality, which enables to ensure safety of the work process. Jira, Confluence and  their analogues are widely spread in digitalized organizations, especially in IT and financial companies. Functionality of RM project management software control expands the solutions’ capabilities for ensuring protection against accidental compromise of corporate data, sabotage and fraud.” – told Sergio Bertoni, the Leading Analyst at SearchInform.

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