SearchInform Risk Monitor is now Also Available in French

French-speaking SearchInform customers can now comfortably use the software in their native language. 

SearchInform has completed the translation of the interface of its flagship solution, the advanced DLP system Risk Monitor, into French. Risk Monitor is the next-gen solution that helps to facilitate regulatory compliance and deals with tasks of Data-centric (data leak prevention; managing access rights to confidential data; monitoring and protection of sensitive data, kept on corporate devices) and User-centric (employee monitoring) approaches.

Previously, the company's solution was available in the following languages: English, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish. The company's list of clients currently contains more than 4000 organizations in 22 countries, including French-speaking countries such as Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and others. 

Mohamed Salah Sayari, International Sales Manager and Business Development Africa at SearchInform, told: “We are pleased to announce that our Risk Monitor is now available in French. We are confident this will make things much easier for our French-speaking customers. The company continues to evolve and enter new markets. This requires timely software updates and customization to meet the needs of local clients. Our French-speaking partners already include Engisoft, Services, HAFS Afrique & Network (Ivory Coast, 3JME Technology, Brel-Soft Technologies, Informatique Systèmes Télécoms. And the list will be expanded. We are committed to making our products convenient and easy to use for as many of our customers as possible. That’s why we are actively translating other our products into French.” 

Nabil OUILES, Deputy General Manager at EngiSoft, said: “The launch of the French-language interface will enable us to reach a wider audience and make it easier for our partners to manage the solution. It also demonstrates the vendor’s determination and interest in establishing a strong foothold for the development of the solution in Algeria and the Maghreb in general”.

This year, SearchInform significantly expanded its presence in the information security solutions market on the African continent. In just six months, the vendor's solutions became available in 9 more countries in the region. The company is bullish on the region’s long-term dynamism and is committed to enhancing its capacity to help businesses and institutions protect their infrastructures from the wide range of information security risks. The new French version will make it easier to communicate with customers and partners in more countries. 

About SearchInform 
SearchInform is the 100% private company that develops risk management products being one of the industry leaders. The development team has been creating search technologies for unstructured data since 1995 and started developing information security solutions in 2004. Today, the team has products and services for comprehensive protection against insider threats at all levels of corporate information systems. 

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