The Functionality for Employees’ Geolocation Determination was Added to SearchInform RM

The recently added functionality enables to track, where from do remote employees work.

From now on, the solution offers the interactive map, which indicates, where from do employees connect to corporate services and where are their corporate PCs located.

The solution analysis the computer’s GPS coordinates and, to make it more precise, considers the visible WiFi and IP-address. The data is visualized in the real-life mode on the map in the Analytic Console. The map offers functionality for implementing filters on users; countries; detached employees or whole departments. Thus, IS officers can track the location of employees, who are on a business trip and location of remote employees. The functionality enables to instantly perform investigations in case of theft or if corporate device is lost.

The update was developed on request of SearchInform’s client, large enterprise, which has a lot of remote employees.

“More and more customers, especially companies, which process large troves of confidential data and critical infrastructure contractors must implement more advanced measures for data protection. With the help of the new functionality it’s possible to trace the location of employees, working on laptops and travelling to different areas, as well as also location of employees, working in office. At the same time, no GPS trackers are required, the OS built-in functionality enables to detect the geolocation quite precisely.”  – told Sergio Bertoni, the Leading Analyst at SearchInform

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