Only 27% US Companies Are Confident of Their Ability to Minimise Losses Because of Data Leakage


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In the USA, 86% of companies have developed an action plan in case of sensitive data breach. Those are the data of the survey “Is your company ready for theft of big data?”, conducted by the Ponemon Institute experts on request of the Experian company. In comparison with 2013, when the first such study was held, the number of companies that are ready to respond quickly to major threats to information security has increased by a quarter.

At the same time, the 2016 study results show that the plan preparation is often the first and only step in information security provision. Almost a third of companies never reviewed or updated the plan, while 38% did not set the expiration and renewal date. The plan was never tested in practice by 26% of companies, and for most of them testing information security system is not a priority task.

Only 27% of companies were firmly confident of their ability to minimise financial risks and damage to the reputation because of a data breach. Another 31% are confident of their abilities if something happens within the country, but doubt they will solve the problem, if it happens at the international level.

“When it comes to information protection, having a plan does not mean you are ready. Unfortunately, many companies simply tick off. The plan development is the first step, but full readiness should be considered a continuous process. The plan should be regularly reviewed and periodically tested,” said Michael Brummer, Vice-President of Experian.

The study also revealed a positive trend in the field of information protection. The number of companies that in the past 12 months increased their expenditures on data protection systems, raised to 58%, which is 10% more than two years earlier. At the same time, 61% of companies implemented training programs for employees who have access to confidential data tadalafil canada.

 “Investing in data leakage protection is like preparing for a natural disaster. You hope that it will never happen, but just in case you spend time and resources on drafting an action plan for the company to survive in a storm,” said Michael Brummer.

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