50 million Facebook accounts got compromised, Conservative Party deals with a major data breach


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Facebook will have to pay up to $1.63 billion if there is evidence of the new law violation. The company is to deal with EU regulators which demand more results and insist that a detailed investigation process should be conducted.

It is to be determined how many EU residents had their data misused although Facebook did notify services of the incident within 72 hours complying with one of the key rules. Promptness and transparency became the most important requirements for organizations facing personal details exposure – a violation should be reported quick and information should include as many facts and figures as possible.

The delivered message is claimed to have few particulars and elements describing what happened but a fine is determined only after the level of compliance is measured and confirmed by lawyers. Assessing penalty severeness is an intricate process – the amount of provided statement is subject to change, a company can inform regulators of new details as soon as they reveal them during investigation.

The Conservative Party found personal data of MPs and cabinet ministers leaked via the official conference app. The breach of personal details might make the Tories pay the GDPR fine and conduct a scrupulous investigation.

A reckless approach to personal data security and a precarious conference app system of the Conservatives surprised politicians and journalists who never seemed to support the party. 

Top government officials were affected by the breach which appeared to happen just before the Conservative conference in Birmingham where Theresa May was going to discuss Brexit issues.

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