Senators' data gets leaked on Wikipedia, Pentagon acknowledges security weaknesses


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A former Sen. Maggie Hassan's employee accessed a computer in Hassan’s Washington office and leaked personal data of lawmakers. Jackson Cosko breached the corporate perimeter entering stolen login credentials.

The offender compromised the personal information threatening to release more details. Cosko is charged with several crimes - access violation, personal data exposure, identity theft, computer fraud are among the numerous accusations. The private information, including contact details, was published on Wikipedia. The staff member who witnessed Cosko fleeing the office got a threatening email.

The conducted investigation is to reveal whether the details of senators were widely distributed or uploaded to multiple storages.

The sum of more than $600,000 was stolen from Henderson ISD. The scammers used the district’s business department to make a payment to RPR Construction Company Inc. The scheme was revealed by the staff members of the department who saw that the executed transaction involved the wrong recipient. The money which was to be transferred to RPR’s bank account was sent to a fraudulent one.

Pentagon has recently announced a major data breach which took place several months ago. The leak affected 30,000 Department of Defense employees compromising their travel records. The exposed personal information included credit card details, although no classified data was put at risk. 

The investigation is being conducted revealing more facts although they are not reported due to security reasons. Pentagon has been dealing with safety issues for a few years admitting that the audit detected some points which need to be improved.

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