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Yahoo covers up a breach claimed major years before Facebook and Equifax leaks


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Yahoo will make up for the breaches which happened in 2013/2014 and were among the most remarkable data leakages in the internet history. Around 3 billion users who got their details compromised in 2013 were followed by 500 million people whose accounts were affected in the breach which occurred the next year.

The company wasn't going to reveal the real numbers straight away due to the fact that the incident could hamper the negotiations with Verizon, although the acquisition deal dropped from $4.83 billion to $350 million. Yahoo opened the list of top services which had to make their way through a massive personal data leak long before Facebook and Google faced the security issue.

200 million US and Israeli users will be provided with free credit monitoring rendered by Yahoo which will also pay $50 million compensation for the detriment. Half of the settlement cost will be paid by Verizon.

Internet Solutions, the leading South African communications service provider, has discovered atypical events in the workflow warning its clients about a breach. Users were motivated to change passwords and make sure they followed steps to guard their data.

The investigation is being conducted so not all the details can be revealed during the discovery of the breach cause.

Internet Solutions informed their customers promptly of the ongoing issue and encouraged all the clients to contact the support team stating that user information safety is highly important for them.

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