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Facebook incident details are still being discovered


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Sensitive documents about Facebook were transferred to the U.K. Parliament. This action violates a U.S. court order. A co-founder of Six4Three leaked confidential records which were to be kept sealed in a California lawsuit. The founders of the app sued Facebook over illicit misuse of friends’ profile details.

The laptop of the executive was passed to a forensic expert. California Superior Court Judge claimed during the hearing that the behavior of Six4Three founders was unacceptable. Breaching the lawsuit agreements is fundamentally wrong and affects the investigation process.

It is still to learn how far the execs have gone with devaluing the lawsuit limits and how much information got exposed to serve the needs beyond U.S. jurisdiction.

Ted Kramer, a co-founder of Six4Three, insisted that he was pressured to give the information to the head of Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. Damian Collins, who heads the Select Committee, was going to publish the details as soon as he wasn’t restricted by U.S. laws.

One of the attorneys who help Kramer out of the issue has also been asked to hand over his laptop. When the violation of the court order became subject to open discussions Kramer’s attorneys refused to represent their client. Nevertheless the court demanded that they maintain performing their job until the investigation is completed.

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