Amazon keeps managing sellers' outrageous behavior


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Amazon keeps dealing with incidents caused by seller fraudulent activity. Recently the company has taken measures to maintain an in-depth probe process and punish more offenders. A number of employees who allegedly provided independent traders with sensitive information have already been dismissed. Several insiders got fired in the U.S. and India for violating access rights and leaking data to merchants showing low respect to other vendors. The bribery case has been investigated since September.

According to Indian and Chinese employees the access was restricted significantly limiting Amazon staff members’ use of an internal database and trending keywords search. Many claimed they were denied the ability to download product data via USB ports. Thousands of suspect reviews were deleted during the investigation. Amazon ensures that all the violators will have their accounts removed and funds withheld.

The ongoing fight against law breakers hasn’t stopped sellers from compromising competitors’ activity – Amazon has to inspect and evaluate loads of products checking them for correct description. All the product listings are to be monitored and re-edited if necessary due to the fact that now many of the items can be marketed featuring inaccurate details.

One of the Amazon sellers reported that product miscategorisation cost him 20% of the season sales.

Products keep getting their reviews and ranking altered. Some sellers still use real addresses while being logged in fabricated accounts in order to write and accumulate positive reviews. In October several customers were informed that their emails were supplied to external sellers which was followed by the employee dismissal.

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