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FOX 9 requests for sending a notification to the data leak victims in Minnesota


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Confidential data of more than 1000 people was compromised about 7 months ago but the incident has been reported only after the media had demanded the victims be informed.

The violation happened at the Wright County governmental building, Minnesota. In 2016 one of the public employees, a senior developer, decided to take work home, i.e. to upload sensitive information to a flash drive and take it blankly outside the corporate network.

The incident was announced only after FOX 9 requested for a report. County Coordinator Lee Kelly emphasised that there was no proof of data misuse. According to the statement the private details were retrieved and transmitted to the county.

The collected evidence revealed the county’s awareness of the breach, although the incident has been kept unvoiced for 7 months. Minnesota state statute gives an ambiguous instruction on how to behave when a violation happens. On the one hand, the leak is to be reported and those who could be affected are to be informed through a written notification. On the other hand, the announcement can be deferred by law enforcement in case the warning can hinder an investigation process.

County Coordinator agreed that the incident was disclosed owing to the FOX 9 request.

Amsterdam residents are discontent with the municipality’s inability to ensure confidentiality. Amsterdam has recently decreased the number of days Airbnb hosts can rent their place. Names and addresses of those who complained about the Amsterdam’s municipality decision were exposed. It was stated that the stored personal details were poorly encrypted on the website. Only 10 residents got their private data leaked and the fact poses a question about the selectiveness of the breach.

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