HIV-positive statuses get leaked in Singapore


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Confidential details of 14,200 HIV-positive people have been leaked in Singapore. The incident has been reported by the Ministry of Health on January 28. MOH was informed by the police that a violator was still in possession of sensitive data and more information could appear to be accessible online.

The exposed HIV statuses, medical details, contact information and ID numbers belong to 5,400 Singaporeans and 8,800 foreigners.

Gan Kim Yong, health minister, warned the public against sharing any details found and demanded that all the information concerning the incident be communicated to the authorities to facilitate the ongoing investigation.

The data has been compromised by Mikhy K Farrera Brochez, an HIV-positive American citizen who had already been found guilty of fraudulent activities. He would forge educational credentials and swap his HIV test result to be able to work in Singapore. Brochez’s story has been covered by the media claiming him a “child prodigy” who would enter Princeton at 13 following with a striking revelation which presented him as a fantasist and a criminal.

Blancco Technology Group and Coleman Parks have published a research which states that 2/5 companies spend about $100,000 on the maintenance of incongruous IT hardware undermining their network’s security. Half of these organisations have been notified by regulators about low compliance level.

Although the businesses would keep on contributing to exploitation and backing of current tools and devices instead of turning to specialists who could manage data storage issues, assess the level of conformity to regulations and provide them with an in-depth analysis showing whether the installed instruments are relevant and efficient within a required risk management program.

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