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A former employee leaks data


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A former employee has leaked personal data of Ziroom’s clients. A laptop, iPhone and flash drive with about 800,000 entries of confidential information onboard were taken as part of the investigation process, 70,000 of them belong to Ziroom customers.

A rental platform Ziroom, based in Beijin, has already been featured in news due to an elevated level of formaldehyde in apartments and a camera hidden in a power socket in a rental room.

Ziroom staff members were granted access to clients’ and landlords’ details on the website. Ziroom allegedly forbade copying and downloading data from corporate servers, but Li, an accused former employee, used an external software to save the details to her devices. A number of records comprising numbers, names, addresses and housing contract numbers she purchased online.

The reasons for the data leak are still being discovered. It can be a profit matter or a leverage at Li’s new workplace.

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