Five Republican senators got their data maliciously exposed


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A former system administrator in the office of Senator Hassan exposed the personal details in response to his dismissal.

The job tasks made Jackson A. Cosko aware of loads of data stored in the computer systems. An ex-congressional employee is to be sentenced to 2,5-5 years for publishing home addresses, phone numbers belonging to Senators, names and passwords of Senate employees.

The staffer was fired in May 2018 due to deficient following of office procedures. Cosko decided to take revenge on those who dismissed him and benefit from terminated access to the confidential information. He developed and launched a fraudulent scheme in order to steal personal data repeatedly violating the security policy.

Cosko was willing to intimidate senators with the people who learnt the exposed details about them. He also threatened to leak all the information when his activity was witnessed and got arrested the next day.

Among the offences he pleads guilty to there are leakage of restricted personal information, computer fraud, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

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