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Uber might face a GDPR fine


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Drivers claim that Uber won't to disclose the personal data they use and consider during job allocation and making decisions regarding dismissal. 

“Drivers are suspended and fired at will without due process, right of an appeal or even an adequate explanation," comments James Farrar, founder and director of Worker Info Exchange.

"Uber have withheld information to which our clients are entitled by right," says Ravi Naik of ITN Solicitors.

The requested data, including ratings and profile information which is accounted in Uber's work allocation algorithms, has been retained or just partially given to the employees since July 2018.

The drivers couldn't receive comprehensive and detailed respond concerning their profile details, driver and trip ratings, and how personal data is used in automated decision-making.

“Uber has automated the management function and hidden it in algorithms behind the digital curtain," expands James Farrar.

Uber will appeal against the claim, stating that the company has breached the Article 15 of the GDPR, in the Supreme Court later this year.

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