Google's amplifying monitoring measures


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Google is going to terminate the employment of a staff member who would try to access classified documents to which a specific “need to know” approval should be issued.

The company has been famous with its culture of internal openness and transparency, and now the growing number of incidents push the executives to make a shift to more rigorous control measures.

The employees have already commented on the restriction introductions and are concerned about possible monitoring exacerbation.

Staffers have also been previously dissatisfied with the company’s actions regarding those who are willing to speak out on the recent notorius news, and according to some opinions these policies can be a bulwark against whistleblowing. “Forced arbitration” Google’s policies were criticized by employees not long ago.

Google’s data security policy, which had been placed in 2007, was updated in October, but staff members weren’t notified back then and received an email titled “An important reminder on data classifications” on Thursday.

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