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71% of the C-level are willing to cover up data leaks


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Despite the fact that GDPR has entered into force a year ago, and has been demanding since then that a data breach should be reported within 72 hours after an incident happens, the statistics shows that the disclosure issues haven’t been solved and that the corporate activity is not getting more transparent.

71% of the C-level managers are willing to cover up data leaks whereas 61% of IT specialists claim they would hide the details of a data breach if no penalties would follow.

The report has been prepared by nCipher Security. Peter Galvin, chief strategy and marketing officer at nCipher Security, suggests that correct security measures should be implemented, and companies are to think about contributing to training which would boost the understanding of the regulatory requirements and how to comply with them. Breach prevention is more efficient than recovery methods.

Regulatory changes cause some kind of disruption. During next 12 months companies will be questioning their behaviours as the number of fines will grow, and investing in technology which has already been regarded as the biggest “money-taker” in a security sector for the next year.

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