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PHI is the juiciest type of data according to the researchers


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Carbon Black has prepared the Healthcare Cyber Heists based on the survey conducted in 2019 which comprised the opinion of 20 CISOs from the healthcare industry.

Personal Health Information (PHI) appears to be more targeted and gainful than such details as credit card numbers – it is said to be 3 times more expensive in the black market than any other kind of personal data. As soon as medical information about a person is always relevant, it might become a leverage to procure a bigger bargain by blackmail.

According to the survey 83% of medical organisations asserted that the number of incidents jumped whereas 66% of respondents claimed that violations became more intricate.

Beazley Breach Response stated that 41% of healthcare institutions among all the researched entities communicated the severe aggravation of the situation concerning data breaches pointing at a human error as an equal reason for an incident as an external attack. The same survey indicated the health industry employees’ unawareness of phishing – 1 out of 7 emails were clicked on.

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