Top secret classified documents taken home by a contractor at the NASIC


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The case started with the investigation of the marijuana incident – the suspect was allegedly cultivating the plant at home – and evolved into a serious violation of FBI’s concern. Marijuana was uncovered alongside sensitive papers.

1000 pages of classified files, including top secret documents labeled as being protected by Special Access Programs were found at the house of a contractor at the U.S. Air Force National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).

Data in use and data in transit are monitored by specialists responsible for risk mitigation, but whereas the operations with digital information are controlled "by default", papers are at risk as well. The files can be printed, and there are ways to prevent hard copies leak by configuring a security system in respect to printing restrictions.

FBI noted in the search warrant application that the confidential files were discovered by the Fairborn City Department on May 25.

The leaked files are of high importance and demand that extra security should be provided to guard their allocated storage or replacement, and the contractor had no authorisation to access and take the documents out of the NASIC.

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