Magnasoft Consulting ex-employees took confidential data with them


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3 employees of Magnasoft Consulting India took confidential data and quit the job.

The company was alerted to the leak by a customer from the UK, and about 10 months after the client contacted the MNC the information on the incident was disclosed.

The data, including client details, software keys, management information system reports and employee database, was accessed and taken 5 times between January and September.

In 2018 between March and October three staff members of Magnasoft team got willfully dismissed. The violators sent the sensitive data via corporate email to their personal email boxes.

In this case the former employees pocketed the corporate data by sending it via a company’s email. A monitoring system installed to protect data transfer channels from unauthorised activity would make the very action of dispatching information within an email transparent. Although the fraudulent action could be detected much earlier – a system could identify the violators by monitoring their communication via messengers, Skype, or social media. Considering the fact that the employees used corporate email to take the data with them, they probably traced in corporate social network accounts.
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