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Two booking services breached customer data


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Two holiday booking services breached their clients’ data.

Option Way, a travel website, didn’t protect customer data properly which resulted in a 100-gigabyte data leak. Travel information, names, email IDs, addresses, and phone numbers were among the compromised details.

Not only clients’ data got exposed, employee personal details were affected, including credit card information.

Teletext Holidays appeared to reveal the data which dates back to 2016. The company offers trip packages, and orders can be received via phone calls. Audio data from such phone calls became a subject of a major breach accident. 532,000 audio files were leaked online. Names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth as well as card details, including types of card and expiry dates, as the calls length ranged between a few minutes and about an hour. The conversations exposed various enquiries and complaints which can be easily personalised by any unauthorised person who listened to them.

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