Half of employees admit that staffers retain access rights which they are no longer authorised to keep


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52% of employees who were reassigned to other jobs still have access to the data which isn’t related to their new tasks.

45% of 400 respondents (70% of them were IT specialists) stated that irrelevant access rights aren’t terminated when employees are shifted to do different jobs.

13% said that the staffers who were dismissed could still have access to the assets.

The most common concerns for the consequences of unsanctioned access were a possible leakage of confidential information (38% of respondents), a hacker attack via an unattended account (24%).

There was little insight though into whether the unsupervised access rights were misused. But the survey results make you stay on guard against possible fraud incidents.

A company’s file system auditing should be conducted to prevent deletion and alteration of critical documents and manage access rights within the network.