September highlighted 2019 breach list


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According to IT Governance breaches abound in 2019, and September contributed significantly to the year’s total amount which is 10,331,579,614 breached records, or at least has been so far.

Among cyberattacks, ransomware incidents and data breaches caused by the very companies which were affected the breaches hit the biggest numbers of leaked records.

Whereas cyberattacks managed to expose information belonging to tens and hundreds of thousands people, data breaches due to internal issues compromised up to hundreds of millions records.

419,000,000 – the unprotected server made the database with millions of phone numbers of Facebook users publicly available.

30,000,000 – Malindo Air customer databases got accessible online as two former employees of the e-commerce contractor breached passenger details in forums.

16,600,000 – this is the number of Ecuadoreans affected in a personal data leak due to a misconfigured Elasticsearch server database. This is the total Ecuador’s population.

4,000,000 – the political party if Israel compromised confidentiality of millions of voters making their details and political affiliations public.

2,500,000 – an Aliznet database on an unsecured Elasticsearch server exposed data of millions of Canadian Yves Rocher clients.

2,200,000 – the number of an online retailer customers who got their data compromised due to “insufficient organisational and technical safeguards”.

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