CenturyLink Inc. has its database breached


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2.8 million records belonging to CenturyLink Inc. clients got compromised due to an unprotected database stored in the cloud.

There were names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, CenturyLink account numbers, notification logs and conversation logs among the breached details.

The misconfigured MongoDB database was secured by the communications company two days after they learned about the exposure. The database was indexed in November last year, which means it was accessible for 10 months as the company became aware in September this year.

MongoDB is keen for receiving attention:

  • The data of 188 million LexisNexis and Pipl users was discovered online in June
  • The database with more than 275 million Indians was found by researches in May
  • 5 million personal records including medical insurance details and residing in the database of MedicareSupplement.com were compromised due to the lack of security measures, and the case was reported in May
  • The database containing above 800 million records including personally identifiable information was found unprotected in March