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Maxed out server led to data breach discovery


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An amusing data breach has been made public recently – on Tuesday the United States Federal Trade Commission released an announcement in which InfoTrax Systems is required to introduce a data security program and take measures to conform to the recent security requirements.

From May 2014 to March 2016 InfoTrax Systems was affected by a violator more than 20 times. The offender would take personal information of customers which contained sufficient information about payment cards and bank accounts.

Approximately 1 million users appeared to be unprotected in 2014. The violator would also access customers’ names, social security numbers, addresses, emails, phones and passwords for 4100 accounts.

The company discovered the breach only when the hacker created a data archive file which made the servers reach their maximum storage capacity. The company was alerted to the maxed out servers’ storage and now have to invest considerably into security program implementation.

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