72% of retailers have dealt with data breaches


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According to Keeper Security and Ponemon Institute, 72% of retailers have dealt with data breaches.

7,772 is the average number of clients’ records which were leaked during each cyberattack. Almost $2 million appeared to be the average cost of an operational disruption which followed a breach.

Surveyed companies claimed that 40% of attacks were caused due to malware, 54% were network-based attacks, and 69% were linked to phishing.

87% of the retailers emphasised that the attacks became more targeted, 67% stated that the impact aggravated, and 61% noticed that attacks had an increased complexity.

Over 30% of the respondents are sure that they can allocate sufficient financial support for information security. The majority of retailers (93%) reported spending not more than 20% of their budget on taking security measures.

There are many reasons for which information security and risk mitigation is still a challenging task for many retailers: 40% of the respondents blame poor understanding of how to prevent data breaches, 51% claim to have not enough budget, whereas 91% point at such an issue as lack of staff to be assigned to the job.