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October 2019 – the month of healthcare data breaches

38 million medical records have already been compromised in 2019

According to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights’ monthly report, details of 661,830 records were exposed in October 2019 creating a 44% leap in medical records breaches

52 breaches were reported during October

11.64% of the U.S. population got their healthcare data sources affected

152,000 records were disclosed due to ransomware attack

208,248 records were leaked due to a phishing attack online

82,577 records were breached due to a mailing error

28 incidents affecting 134,775 records were caused by unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure

5 incidents occurred due to data loss or theft and compromised 13,454 records

11,754 records were leaked because of improper disposal of confidential information

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