Information security in small businesses demands owners' and execs' attention


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Each third employee considers information security within a company an average or a massive issue.

According to the recent survey and from Nulab which collected answers of more than 1000 employees, 76% of workers think that cybersecurity should draw more attention. The issue might be even more troublesome for small businesses which constitute a considerable part of the whole business world.

23% of employees working for small-scale companies weren’t confident that corporate information was properly protected in comparison to 9% of employees working in large-scale businesses who aren’t sure whether information is stored and managed by their companies in accordance with the security policies.

Almost half of staffers – 44%in small businesses reported receiving no respond from their employers regarding information security improvement. The same question category gathered 27% of those who remained unresponded in large companies.

42% of all employees working in different types of companies approached their executives with the request to boost information protection mechanisms due to insufficient cybersecurity measures. 58% preferred to keep information about cyber risks to themselves due to top management’s reluctance to delve into cyber security issues.