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Signal replaces WhatsApp?


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The recent news about WhatsApp might lead to an outflow of users preferring to install Signal or Telegram – there are already users who have switched to these messengers instead.

The new privacy update demands that users agree to share their data to keep on using the chat service. The update will come into force on February 8 making account registration information, transaction details, mobile device data, profile names and IP addresses, except for the messages content, accessible for Facebook companies.



WhatsApp was appropriated by Facebook’s creator in 2014 and unfolded by Mark Zuckerberg into the most famous service.

The messenger’s representatives insisted that the update was about “providing clearer information to users on how and why the data is used by WhatsApp.” It was also noted that the update didn’t change information sharing practices with Facebook and no private conversations would be impacted.

Anyway, Privacy International account posted a tweet disapproving of the WhatsApp’s requirement.


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