ABSA leak might still have impact


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How is ABSA bank doing after the security policy violated by an employee?

ABSA is present in 12 countries and has about 42,000 employees.

A massive data leak might have affected millions of bank customers not so long ago. ABSA bank is the new major player in the industry and the reputational damage would undermine the recent efforts of the bank put into the image building.

The data breach occurred in South Africa making the bank guiltless de facto though – an ABSA employee breached the confidential information to a third party.

The bank’s main branch located in South Africa suffered the information leak and claimed that only a limited customer data was shared with external entities. Anyway, the actual number of clients affected isn’t revealed.

The siphoned data contained names and surnames, ID numbers, bank account numbers, credit card details, phones numbers, vehicle data, addresses.

The matter was officially initiated and brought to court stating an alleged employee as a suspect.

24 million South Africans, including 800,000 businesses, got compromised. The data was stolen from Experian – the credit bureau stored a significant amount of data belonging to the bank. Experian emphasized that the leaked information the bureau released to the violator was meant to be received by a legitimate customer – the one the violator pretended to be.

The bank keeps conducting investigation and isn’t ready to reveal more details.

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