iPhones which weren't meant for selling


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Barrie electronics recycler GEEP employee has allegedly committed fraud. The suspect objected to the accusations of “orchestrated and engaged in a sophisticated and unauthorized scheme”. He is said to have managed the process of selling iPhones which were to be recycled.

The profit from such a scheme has amounted up to $30 million according to Apple. Edward Cooper, the employee, has worked for the company for 3 years. In his turn he has brought to court a Whitby scrap-metal recycling company and some other Barrie staffers.

The money the company is sued to pay Apple is $31 million. The profits GEEP got while selling the Apple products should also be transferred to the multinational giant.

GEEP is firm on not admitting any fault and is sure that ex-employees are in charge for the wrongdoing. Therefore, the company decided to take legal action against its three former employees, Whitby Recycling and their president – each $10 million.

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