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Was there a breach?


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For example, they claim that data can’t be leaked when it is public. Clubhouse app voiced the opinion many Big Tech companies express: what is considered a breach is not a breach.

The audio app representatives that the allegedly breached data could be actually accessed by anyone via the app or their API.

Facebook has previously mentioned the same problem stating that the leakage they were blamed for – 533 million of users got their data leaked – wasn’t a hack, it was an ordinary technique called scraping, thus the data was scraped from the platform back in 2019.

LinkedIn had a similar answer to the leakage reporters – the data was already public, thus no breach happened.

Although many tend to think that companies are just make these accusations bounce off being quite disrespectful to personal data and only defending their reputation in not the best possible way.

According to the Politico, there is an instruction comprising adverse steps to steer clear from being marked as a security newsbreaker, and these steps make things only worse:

  • Pretend the data is public
  • Don’t inform the regulator about a breach
  • Keep ignoring
  • Say it’s malicious insider’s fault
  • Deny the context of the message about a leak
  • Claim it was a sophisticated attack

Is there smoke without fire? Or companies start to pump up people’s discontent to their own detriment.

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