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Microsoft threat and database security time bomb


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According to the recent report, Microsoft 365 became a weak spot exploited by violators in 85% of companies within one year.

More than 1/3 of respondents claimed that remote work affected the safety of organisations using Microsoft 365 and made it harder to prevent emails from leakage.

15% of firms using Microsoft 365 faced consequences of beyond 500 data breaches, whereas only 4% who didn’t use it dealt with the same number.

The problems which ensue from the breaches appeared to be heavier on Microsoft 365 users – 93% vs. 84% of those who didn’t use it.

CyberNews has recently counted the quantity of unprotected databases, and it’s clear that no matter what we read in news today more leaks are yet to come – 19 petabytes of data is exposed to malicious actors and threatening activities right now in accordance with the CyberNews research.

The protection of about 29,000 databases is totally neglected – passwords, document scans, health records, credit card details are subject to becoming a tool for attackers’ intentions, such as phishing, social engineering attempts and identity theft.

Most of them allow the quickest access without using a password and a username. The biggest number of publicly accessible information is stored on Hadoop – more than 18,000 terabytes, 459 databases, then goes Elasticsearch with only 143 terabytes of information, though stored within 19,814 databases, and then there is MongoDB with 6,5 terabytes of data in 8,946 databases.

China leads the list of countries which have their information leaked from these storages. US are placed second and followed by Germany and India. China’s weakest spot appeared to be Elasticsearch as well as for the US and Germany, whereas India suffered from MongoDB the most.

Although the heaviest database belongs to China (US placed second again) and is stored in Hadoop.

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