Microsoft is going to gather cyber security specialists in the APAC region


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Microsoft’s APAC security council in public sector will appoint a meeting every three months to discuss cyber threat practices which turned efficient.

Security experts form Microsoft will assist the representatives from Brunei, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand to create the event ensuring free and prompt exchange of thoughts and techniques regarding cyber risks and also to vitalise the partnership within the area. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, ASEAN and Global Forum on Cyber Expertise will become part of cooperation reinforcement program.

Cyber security is claimed to be a national agenda for Malaysia. Cybersecurity Malaysia CEO Haji Amirudin Abdul Wahab noted that “this coalition certainly establishes stronger partnerships with industry leaders and practitioners that will allow us to fortify our security postures and combat cybercrime”.

Cyber threats are growing in the region, Chang Hee Yun, a principal researcher from Korea’s National Information Society Agency, agreed that “With similar threat landscapes, this partnership will ensure that we are steps ahead of the perpetrators, establishing higher standards for the cyber security eco-system as well”.

The figure denoting malware encounter rate was 1.6 times higher than around the world on average in 2019.

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