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Call a hacker - he'll tell you about a breach


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90% of LinkedIn users got their data compromised. The huge data leak affected 700 million accounts on the platform, whereas the total number of users amounts to 756 million people.

According to RestorePrivacy source this might be the largest data breach which ever happened to LinkedIn.

Most of the details, including emails, phone numbers, addresses, job experience, links to other social network accounts, geolocation, are relevant and have been recently updated. A small sample of the arrays which were put up for sale by a hacker was posted for free and contained 1 million records.

The hacker was successfully reached by the RestorePrivacy and hid no details about how the data was pulled out by him – he exploited the LinkedIn API.

Anyway, LinkedIn clarified that all the data couldn’t be available via its API, meaning that some information was obtained the other way and somewhere else. The data can still be purchased from the hacker forum.

What problems can arise?

  • Phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Identity theft

How to protect?

Such news only reminds you to stay aware of personalised scam, to think twice before opening a suspicious email or pressing a link as you're informed by the news - your data might have just been breached within this array of hacked records.

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