Air India is asked to recompense the breach


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Journalist Ritika Handoo is ready to bring the case of leaking data* of Air India passengers to the court stating that it has been a breach of her right to be forgotten and of informational autonomy. She has recently sent a legal notice to the management of the airline to initiate a compensation process.

She’s insisting on payment which would equal 30,000,000 rupees (over $400,000) to remunerate 45,000,000 of passengers, including the journalist and her husband affected by the breach, for the violation of data privacy.

Ritika’s claim was supported by her lawyer, with whom she’s trying to prove Air India’s fault, stating that they knowingly leaked personal data.

*Air India informed its passengers in May about the data breach which occurred in February. The leakage included customer records relevant between August 2011 and February 2021. The data contained names, birthdays, contact details, passport and ticket data, credit cards, it also comprised the details about frequent clients of Star Alliance – the world's largest global airline alliance.

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