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Does an identity theft has an end or any terms?


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Education workers of the Francophone Sud School District are dealing with identity theft. 15 employees who work as educational assistants and administrators in the Fredericton area, Canada, helped collect employment insurance and couldn’t access their benefits.

The funds appeared to be retransferred to the accounts of violators who had managed to hack or infiltrate into the system, gain access to Service Canada accounts and modify employees’ personal data in order to obtain their funds.

According to the victims, there were a number of demands made in their names, bank number was changed, even language on the account of one of them got changed. The violator switched French to English.

One of the affected employees said that the offender even tried to open a credit card in her name, but the attempt was gladly unsuccessful.

The workers are trying to get some answers from the government but the most popular respond so far is “Yes, you've been scammed, I can't do anything at my level, so I have to transfer you to our fraud department”.

Employees might not get their benefits as the solution of the problem has been dragged for quite a time.

Now the victims are worried about whether such an incident as identity theft has an end, whether they should do something themselves because knowing that someone changed their personal details and could keep using it for their own needs is more than just stressful.

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