T-Mobile hacked for the 5th time


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T-Mobile has been hacked. The unauthorized access was detected a few days after a number of customers got their data uploaded onto a cybercriminal forum. The attackers demand 6 bitcoin or $275,000 for a 30-million portion of the stolen data.

The investigation is on and has no clear deadline, and it hasn’t been discovered whether personal data got compromised.

The company claims that the access gate has been shut, thus no further leakage can occur.

The alleged violator is believed to have taken 100 million of T-Mobile customers’ records comprising phone numbers, IMEI and Social Security numbers, driver’s license data, all what’s required to conduct identity verification by a company. The checked sample of leaked information is relevant and real.

The breach happened via a corporate database server connected to the Internet. The information on IMEI in it can date back to 2004.

T-Mobile has been hacked for the 5th time in the past few years.

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