Dallas schools compromised by a city IT employee


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Dallas school system has been affected by an unauthorised third party. The data was downloaded by unauthorised party and kept it in the cloud for some time. A city IT employee has uploaded the school data from a cloud server to the city data center’s server. It has been recently discovered that the employee took 15 terabytes of data beyond that already found by technicians. Dallas governmental entity also reported 22 terabytes of data deleted by the employee. The staffer was subsequently fired.

The stolen data included personal information of students, parents, teachers and personnel dating back to 2010. There were social security numbers, birthdays, contact details compromised.

The affected district accounts for more than 22,000 staffers, over 153,000 students and comprises 230 schools.

Having had learned about her job termination an employee decided to take revenge on her company. The case was taken to court in Brooklyn. The incident set off when the employee unauthorisedly penetrated the Credit Union systems. The culprit broke into her employer’s computer and removed some critical data from it, including mortgage loan applications.

The revenge affected the customers of the bank, who now have their applications pending and can’t pay for their homes, undermining the bank’s security and reputation.

The bank’s file server was accessed by the employee remotely, over 20,000 files and 3,500 directories got deleted subsequently which amounted up to 21.3 GB of sensitive information.

$10,000 have already been spent by Credit Union only to have the share drive intrusion recompensed.

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