When a hack might be not such a bad thing


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One of the most famous hacktivist groups – Anonymous – has extracted the database of the domain registrar and hosting provider called Epik which is known for its radical views as they provide services only to right-wing and far-right organisations.

Epik is a web hosting company which supports neo-Nazi and other promoters of extremist ideas.

The hosting service was compromised on February 28, the downloaded data was published on 4chan forum. The announcement was accompanied with a thorough letter, where the hacktivists emphasised that the revelation should finally happen.

The provider debunked the group’s statement that the database had been stolen.

According to The Record, the source has obtained the correct information and had a chance to review the hacked data. There were domain ownership details, transaction details, troves of PII, account information. A number of SQL databases were packed within a 32GB torrent file.

To make sure that the data is relevant, both the group and The Record picked three random Epik clients who confirmed their names, emails and addresses.

The hacktivists also began promoting the idea among journalists and security researchers of finding the leaked domains which regard terrorist or racist subjects.

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