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Ransomware attacks keep companies on alert


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AvosLocker hacker group compromised the data of Gigabyte customers. The exposed information included payroll details, credit cards, non-disclosure agreements, PDF copies of employee passports.

The fraudsters plotted a ransomware attack making Gigabyte part of its invasion plan. AvosLocker announced that they were the reason for the company’s data breach.

The group is threatening to leak more in case they don’t get paid.

Another ransomware attack put the work of Tech Etch company on hold. The company detected the intrusion of a third party into its systems as well as found some of its data encrypted. The company had to turn to a professional investigation team to discover more details of the incident. The forensics team revealed attempts to access the server which meanwhile had backups for but no data is said to have been stolen so far.

Instead of hiring a forensics team, learn everything yourself - don't rely on time consuming sporadic investigation processes, implement an ongoing monitoring which would alert to anything which might go wrong today


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