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Major outage and government employee data breach


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Kronos platform, belonging to UKG multinational technology company, is experiencing several weeks of shutdown due to the recent ransomware attack.

The customers are advised to look for other solutions during this time. Kronos Private Cloud was affected by a ransomware incident, the suspicious activity was detected on Saturday. UKG Workforce Central, UKG TeleStaff, Healthcare Extensions, and Banking Scheduling Solutions got involved in the damage.

The inevitable platform “blackout” messed up the payroll processing for many client companies.

The incident could have impacted such personal data as employee names, addresses, social security numbers and IDs.

There were also some critics towards those organisations which blamed the platform and didn’t ensure solid backup themselves, though ransomware experts insist that it’s the responsibility of the third-party service to provide continuity.

A cyberattack caused disruption in the South Australian Government security compromising public sector employees’ personal details putting at risk the data of about 80 000 employees, at least 38 000 employees have already had their data accessed. Frontier Software, providing payroll services to the government, has become the ransomware attackers’ target a month ago.

The investigation is on, and the detailed research of the storages in order to detect all the taken sensitive data continues, the client information remaining the priority of the search. Besides the employees’ data, the data of the Premier of South Australia could have been misused as well.

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