Another data leak in the healthcare sphere


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New data leak took place recently in the supersensitive healthcare sphere. This time the victim is Choice Health Insurance.

According to the company’s statement, leaked data included
-    First and last name;
-    Social Security number; 
-    Medicare beneficiary identification number; 
-    Date of birth; 
-    Address and contact information; 
-    Health insurance information.

As reported by, the data was first offered for sale on May 9 on a hacking forum.

The human error took place again. A third-party service provider made a single Choice Health database accessible due to a technical security misconfiguration. Based on the investigation performed by Choice Health Insurance, an unauthorized individual accessed the database from the Internet and obtained certain database files on or about May 7, 2022. As we can see one human error is pretty enough for the incident.  That’s why permanent monitoring of the whole organization’s infrastructure is crucial. And when it comes to monitoring, assistance of specific software is required. SearchInform SIEM helps to spot attempts of connection to database from outside of protected perimeter or in case copying of some massive of data was activated. In such case, human-related risks, such as misconfiguration error reduces significantly.

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