Confidential documents and personal data leaked due to an insider activities


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Central Florida construction firm has recently experienced a data breach. An employee stole a massive of confidential data just before resignation. 

Former employee obtained documents such as the company’s bank account statements and tax returns as well as 401(k) information containing employees’ names, Social Security numbers, birth dates and their compensation.

A federal lawsuit was filed this week against the former employee of the construction firm.

The insider misused a colleague’s account to obtain confidential data. The fact of data breach was discovered two months later. According to the lawsuit, the man shared the information with “other third  parties, none of whom had any right, entitlement to or access to this information”.

In order to deal with insider-related risks the assistance of protective software is required. Thus, SIEM system should detect suspicious activity, such as large volume of data copying or password guessing. An  advanced DLP system will also provide information security officers with the evidence, required for internal investigation. 

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