Retail online marketplace clients' data leak


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Recently, MyDeal clients’ data was leaked. MyDeal is a retail online marketplace, the subsidiary of the retail giant Woolworths.

There was  500-line sample data published as a prove of the fact of hacking. According to Troy Hunt, who is an expert in information security, this wasn't a fake. 

The attacker gained access to company’s customer relationship management system using compromised login credential. This information was confirmed by the hacker himself.

The company representatives stated that in general 2.2 million customers were affected by the data breach. The data exposed contained:

email addresses
phone numbers
delivery addresses
birth dates (in some cases).

For 1.2 million customers, only the email addresses were exposed in the breach.

The stolen data has been posted for sale for $600 on a data leak forum. The company has begun to send data breaches notifications to the affected customers. 

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