A few personal data related incidents details have become known recently


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Radio station users’ personal data was illicitly obtained. 

Nearly 4,000 users were affected because of a data breach, which occurred at Radio Free Asia side. A service provider’s vulnerability led to an unauthorized access. As a result of the incident, such data as users' addresses, driver’s license numbers, health insurance information, medical details and some other was illicitly obtained.

Insiders sold data on hospital patients. 

A few former employees of Tennesse-based Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare hospital were accused of accessing and disclosing patient information to a third party. The insiders sold data on patients involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Students data leaked.

The personal data of more than 30.000 Kannur University students was uploaded on a hackers’ forum.  It was reported by the mathrubhumi.com that the incident occured to to a technical glitch in the university's official websiteThe leaked data contained: 
•    Name
•    Aadhaar number
•    Students’ photo and phone number.


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