Recent data privacy incidents


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By the end of the week we publish a review of a few recent major data related incident.

We’ll start with a data leak incident. Yellow Pages Group, which is a Canadian directory publisher experienced a ransomware attack by Black Basta group.  According to the Bleeping Computer, the following data was stolen:
•    ID documents (such as scans of passports and driver licenses) exposing people's date of birth and address
•    Tax documents—exposing Social Insurance Number (SIN)
•    Sales and purchase agreements
•    'Accounts Receivable' spreadsheet dated February 28, 2023
•    Budget and debt forecast dated December 2022 

As it was reported by the company official, a third party gained illicit access to servers, containing data on employees and some data related to company’s business customers.

Details on a massive social engineering attack were revealed as well. This time, intruders targeted famous Facebook users. With the help of phishing techniques, cybercriminals impersonated Facebook and Meta technical support specialists and attempt to steal famous users’ social network accounts. According to Group IB experts, the campaign was performed during February and March, more than 3,200 fake Facebook profiles/pages were detected. What’s more, Group-IB researchers discovered more than 220 phishing sites mimicking official Meta and Facebook webpages. The basic intruders’ aim was account takeover. 

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