Product Advantages - SearchInform

SearchInform security information and event management:

Real-time threat detection


  • Easy Implementation

SearchInform Event Manager does not require intensive preliminary configuration. Preset security policies are based on a selection of common tasks that SearchInform clients have to tackle. SIEM provides immediate results of analysis right out of box.

  • Easy Operation

Operation complexity of greater part of SIEMs demands the involvement of highly experienced and expensive experts. SearchInform Event Manager is supplied with a set of prebuilt policies, embodying the experience and the challenges of real-life businesses from all major verticals. The system undergoes constant improvement based on the feedback from business, and all the users benefit from the updates.

  • for Medium and Small-Sized Business

SearchInform Event Manager has low hardware and software requirements and reasonable price even for small-sized business. The solution is easy to integrate and requires minimum customization.

  • Experience of over 1000 Clients

We have studied the experience of our clients, figured common needs and best practices in order to implement them in SearchInform Event Manager.

  • Symbiosis of SIEM and DLP

Simultaneous operation of SIEM and SearchInform DLP significantly strengthens company’s information security. SIEM detects the abnormal behavior and shows the patterns of access to information. DLP evaluates the contents of all communications. Such combination of both systems provides for proper investigations and collection of thorough evidence.

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