• Rapid setup and simple management

    It takes only half an hour to install TimeInformer on workstations. The software doesn’t require any specific skills to manage it.

  • Vast range of reports and customization

    The solution analyzes employee activity and displays the statistics in the form of vivid reports (33 types). You can also create custom reports, for example, to track users visiting social networks or job search sites.

  • User-friendly alert system

    TimeInformer lets you configure notifications on such events as late arrivals, early departures, low productivity, or launch of specific programs.

  • Control of remotely-located employees

    The software monitors the activity of users even when they work from home or are on business trips. On the other hand, the staff are kept under control even if the manager is out of the office.

  • Possibility to “see” employees computer screens and “hear” the employees

    The solution lets you check an employee that has been acting suspiciously: You can watch the employee’s computer screen activity in real time and monitor the employee conversations via a microphone connected to the computer.

  • Protection from removal

    Malicious employees will not be able to remove the agent-software from the endpoint computers on their own, and you will be alerted about such attempts.

  • Perpertual license

    By purchasing TimeInformer, you get work time control software for a permanent use.

  • Tranining and technical support

    Within one year from the day of purchasing TimeInformer, you will be provided with technical assistance: A personal manager will educate you on how to work with the product, provide consultations, help you with settings, and solve the problems in an efficient way.

  • Possibility to transfer from TimeInformer to SearchInform DLP

    As your business grows and starts to require means to protect your commercially valuable information, we will offer you our own product SearchInform DLP with a substantial discount.